Welcome to Phil McKenney’s Diverse Artworks Gallery – a curated collection of Phil’s artistic endeavors across various mediums. This is where you’ll find the essence of his eclectic art journey, a tapestry woven from his experiences as a filmmaker, animator, editorial cartoonist, TV courtroom artist, magazine illustrator, sports painter, muralist, sign painter, and drawing teacher.

Every piece in this gallery reflects Phil’s spontaneous style and inherent grit, marking a departure from the conventional. These artworks are not confined to a singular form or theme, but rather, they celebrate the diversity of Phil’s artistic universe, each carrying its own unique narrative.

A selection of these unique pieces are available for purchase, inviting you to bring a slice of Phil’s artistry into your own space. Whether it’s a captivating portrait, a vibrant hand-painted sign, or an evocative illustration, each piece resonates with Phil’s signature style.

Additionally, Phil’s diverse artistry is available for commissioned work. If you have a concept, a story, or a vision, Phil is ready to bring it to life with his distinct artistic touch. Enjoy exploring the gallery – a true testament to the expansive and ever-evolving world of Phil McKenney’s art.