Welcome to the Portraits Gallery of Phil McKenney – a visual celebration of human form and emotion. This page is dedicated to the faces that have inspired Phil, reflecting his fluid and spontaneous style. Every portrait here is a bold exploration of character, each stroke revealing a bit more of the story behind the eyes.

Phil’s portraits cannot be easily categorized, much like his eclectic art journey. The richness of his experience – filmmaker, animator, editorial cartoonist, TV courtroom artist, magazine illustrator, sports painter, muralist, sign painter, and drawing teacher – all find a way into his portraits, creating a unique blend of grit and grace. Phil brings this diversity of experience and unique perspective to commissioned work as well. He’s available to turn your story into a piece of art that stands out, that’s profoundly personal and timeless.

Scroll down to explore the world through Phil’s eyes – a world where every face tells a story, and every story is a masterpiece. Contact Phil if you’re interested in commissioning a piece – he’d be honored to translate your personal narrative into a stunning portrait.


Here’s what my happy clients had to say about me:

My son’s teen idol was Weird Al Yankovich and a drawing of the iconic performer would be a perfect present. Upon discovering to Phil’s quirky and energetic art, I knew his style would capture the spirit of Weird Al’s amusing lyrics! Throughout the process McKenney was open to suggestions including my desire of incorporating and featuring Weird Al’s trademark accordion. The result was flawless and exhibited the necessary exuberance. Phil McKenney is a pleasure to work with and, without hesitation, I highly recommend him.

Kathy Barringer
I asked Phillip to do a picture as a tribute to my husband, Doug Norris. I was especially pleased how the picture captured the joy that Doug lived every day. The picture is proudly hung in my living room.
Margaret Norris

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